Fluid Dynamics

Théophile Blandet


Hamilton Central Europe in Timișoara is a prominent producer of microlitre syringes and high-precision instruments for research laboratories, ranking as the second-largest European hub for the global company, after Switzerland.

‘Fluid Dynamics’ presents two lighting objects conceived during a month-long residency at Hamilton’s Timișoara facility. The designer’s production process encountered disruptive and generative interferences stemming from the facility’s stringent hygiene and security protocols, advanced manufacturing techniques, rare materials, and valuable knowledge.

Conversely, the project was deliberately structured to disrupt the facility’s controlled production lines, redirecting attention towards crafting two objects imbued with distinct economic and social values. Sourced from the facility’s bins of discarded components, the objects are made from unique, high-tech parts that are unattainable elsewhere, underscoring the contextual definition of materials, functions, and values.

Given the facility’s exceptional control and technological sophistication, the creation of these objects symbolises the designer’s total immersion in the factory environment. This achievement was only possible through ongoing idea exchange and discussions, which fostered a collaborative sharing of knowledge.

© Eugenio Consentino

Théophile Blandet is a French artist and designer based in the Netherlands. He works at the crossroads of popular culture and craftsmanship to navigate the notions of functionality and abstraction of ‘infra-ordinary’ objects that resist all efforts of categorisation.


Hamilton Central Europe SRL: Avram Daniela, Baciu Madalina, Barbu Gabriel, Bihoi Marilena, Bihunet Cristian, Bogdan Aluna, Cacior Andrei, Cernescu Silviu, Dontete Andreea, Farcal Florin, Franca Stefan, Glava Ionel Horatiu, Laslau Constantin, Lupulescu Andrei, Marc Andrei, Mihu Aurora, Nedelea Adrian, Negrau Claudiu Antonio, Nistor Costina, Satz Dorina, Schiopu Nicoleta, Simion Lucian, Sirghi Mihaela, Szoktor Alexandru-Gabriel, Tamirs Vasilica-Daiana, Turcu Emanuel, Ursu Dragos, Vacarescu Delia, Vasile Darius-Deian