Factory Visits —A Photographic Reportage

Marius Vasile


For the exhibition Mirroring the Ecosystem, Bright Cityscapes commissioned Romanian photographer Marius Vasile for a photographic reportage. The task involved the documentation of three important industrial sites in Timișoara: Nokia Romania, Flex Romania, and Azur. Each industry is crucial for the city’s and region’s industrial ecosystem. The reportage aimed to shed light on the infrastructure underpinning these industrial giants, often hidden and unknown to the general public.

The images of Nokia's industrial site, a leading telecommunications company, document its data center for the creation of 5G; a technology that has transformed global communication.

Mobile network operation centre at Nokia Romania 
Mobile network operation centre at Nokia Romania

Similarly, the images from Flex, a global manufacturing service company, offer a window into various operational modules. With a footprint in sectors as diverse as automotive, medical, and communication, the photographs capture some activities within the company’s walls.

The Azur series, on the other hand, provides a glimpse into a chemical industry specialising in the production of resins, composites, paints, and coatings. The images show various facets of the operation, from the liquid nitrogen area to the solvent-based coatings laboratory. 

Liquid nitrogen area at Azur Industrial Platform

Photography: Marius Vasile


Marius Vasile was born in Slatina (RO) and works as an architect and architectural photographer. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at UAUIM Bucharest in 2019 and is involved in designing public spaces with cultural and social impact.
Photography, initially used as a passion, has become a process of documenting and understanding the complexity of the built environment. He takes part in various cultural projects where he combines architecture and photography to express his own vision of experimenting with space.