Raul Ionel


Raul Ionel is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies of the Politehnica University Timișoara, with a background in computer systems engineering and applied electronics. His teaching activity extends to Hubei University of Technology and North China University of Science and Technology. Raul’s research activities are focused on developing software-hardware systems for data acquisition and analysis, while his experience is based on virtual instrumentation, measurements and signal processing. He is currently working with several technologies used in the development of measurement and test applications. Over the past years, Raul has been involved in several applied research projects, developing measurement systems in areas such as pollution level analysis and water quality evaluation, functional test, boundary scan or automated optical inspection. 

Website: https://www.meo.etc.upt.ro/colectiv/titulari/2-uncategorised/2100-raul-ionel