The Silent Shadow

Anastasia Stolearenco


Over 50% of women worldwide endure some form of harassment in public spaces, yet many cases go unreported due to the fear of stigmatisation, distrust in the justice system, and potential reprisals. While Romanian legislation offers protection, concrete implementation measures are lacking.

‘The Silent Shadow’ is a series of black-and-white photographs that highlight the various forms of harassment women face in public spaces. Each image represents distinct factors, grounded in real experiences shared by Timișoara's women with the designer, who also serves as the subject in each photograph to safeguard identities.

Beyond underscoring the need for concrete measures for prevention and destigmatising reporting, this project brings attention to the intangible shadows of fear and mistrust that women carry while navigating public spaces—shadows impossible to quantify, report, or prosecute.


Anastasia Stolearenco hails from the Republic of Moldova and is presently pursuing her studies at the Politehnica University of Timișoara. She is a socially engaged and curious person who is constantly expanding her knowledge.


Photographer: Iuliana Prisacari
Publication printing and binding: Buch.One
Metal fabrication: Laurin Böhm and Richard Kingston