Postindustrial Living — The Bench

Anamaria Degău


In traditional Romanian villages, the humble bench brings the street to life. Whenever someone takes a moment of rest on the bench, it inevitably invites those passing by to pause and engage in conversation. This remarkable piece of public furniture not only evokes personal memories and anecdotes but also serves as a hub for observation, anticipation, and congregation.

Inspired by the benches found in Hinchiriș, this version lacks a backrest, encouraging people to lean against the supporting wall. The legs are adorned with a variety of traditional shapes and joints, gracefully converging beneath a single seat, symbolising the fusion of old and new.

Similar to its original context, when installed in an exhibition, the bench serves as a communal focal point for visitors. Is it merely a bench, or is it an invitation?


Anamaria Degău is an architecture student from Arad, Romania, currently studying at Politehnica University of Timișoara. Through her work, she aspires to rekindle an appreciation for communal cohabitation and bonds.