Joshua Jerome


In today's interconnected world, our lives are intertwined with distant places and people, forging ties with unfamiliar yet influential figures who impact our realities and identities.

‘Placed’ grew from a deeply personal task to produce familiarity into an alien landscape. Through a tactile and iterative process of map-making and data encoding, a tapestry emerges. Stories of unknown individuals, arranged by their proximity to the designer's life, flow from left to right. Interspersed between these narratives, amalgamated coats of arms bestow identity on the designer’s sense of belonging in the unknown.

The work invites contemplating one’s own placement and proximity within the designer’s web of influence. It also encourages introspection regarding one’s own intricate network of anonymous connections.


Joshua Jerome is a spatial designer from Australia currently pursuing a Master's degree in Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Sciences at the Technical University of Delft. His practice delves into the psychological, physiological, and behavioural dimensions of architecture.