Catch Wind of

Richard Temple Kingston


Wind harps rely on a seldom-appreciated facet of the wind: its resonance. The resonant quality of the wind can lead to power lines emitting a hum or even contribute to the collapse of bridges. In the case of wind harps, it sets the strings in motion, giving rise to harmonics.

Offering a sense of the wind’s behaviour in the vicinity of this exhibition, the sound being heard is live from the contact mics attached to a wind harp on the rooftop of this building. The wind harp has strings extending in four directions, with each string resonating most intensely when the wind flows perpendicularly to it. Higher notes signify greater speeds. 

By transforming the motion of the wind into an ethereal language, 'Catch Wind of' brings a natural force closer through an experience that is not only meant to be heard but also savoured.


Richard Temple Kingston is a Canadian student in the Technogeographies Studio at Design Academy Eindhoven. Leveraging his background in political science, music, and industrial design, his practice aims to broaden the collective imagination.


Coding assistance: Engr. Asfandiar Ayub