Border Safari, from the Border with Love

Petar Kukec


The concept of borders is rich in synonyms — frontier, boundary, partition, borderline, dividing line, perimeter, marches, bounds, and more. As numerous as the nouns to describe this phenomenon are, there are even more forces influencing their shape, from human actions to environmental and philosophical factors.

‘Border Safari, from the Border with Love’ presents an architectural materialisation of the entanglement and diversity of the complex elusive concept. It employs various mediums that, depending on one’s proximity to the border, evoke different atmospheres, prompting questioning the frontier’s mental essence as well as its existence in time and space. Thus travelling in both the physical and metaphysical realms, the ultimate destination is a border territorial billboard. This glitch-like element challenges the perceived strength of the infamous yet almost non-existent border between Norway and Russia in the material world.


Petar Kukec was born in Croatia and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Sciences at the Technical University of Delft. His interests encompass the interconnections between landscape, society, and political ideologies.