Adaptive Reclaim: Modular Transformation

Denisa Landler and Edward Kiss


A revitalisation proposal aims to repurpose an industrial site in Timișoara, Buziașului area, preserving its industrial character while creating a vibrant space that serves both the local community and the broader region. ‘Adaptive Reclaim: Modular Transformation’ is an interactive exhibit mapping the processes behind the development of the proposal.

Initially, the exhibit presents itself as a large cube covered in meshed metal fencing, symbolising the overwhelming scale of the large fenced-up, disused site. Over the course of the exhibition, public interaction gradually breaks down the cube into smaller modules, illustrating how large sites and problems can become manageable through community engagement. These smaller modules reveal various materials and textures, representing untapped resources and potential for retrofitting and recycling. Additionally, some modules vary in weight, representing different levels of complexity.

The installation demonstrates design and architecture’s power of breaking down large challenges to a human scale.


Denisa Landler and Edward Kiss both grew up in Timișoara, and are now studying architecture at the Politehnica University of Timișoara. Edward’s skills in metal fabrication, and Denisa’s experience with community projects, make for a complementary collaboration.