Théophile Blandet


Théophile Blandet is a French artist and designer currently based in Rotterdam, whose work has been exhibited, most recently, at the Musée du Design de Gent, Design Museum Den Bosch in the Netherlands, the Frac île de France, K11 Art Foundation in China and as part of a duo show at the Centre d’art Contemporain in Geneva. He is part of the Morph collective, which he co-founded in 2018 - a multifaceted working group that expresses itself by creating built environments, immersive installations and exhibition concepts. Théophile’s works are summary devices that combine the antithetical logics of lucid engineering precision with those of bric-à-brac, validating themselves as discourse-objects that have what it takes to stimulate spurious narratives, caught between fiction and non-fiction. Always marked by deep research into materials, their expressiveness is revealed by an original practice that combines high craftsmanship with production techniques derived from the most sophisticated industrial processing. At the crossroads of popular culture and craftsmanship, his practice navigates the notions of functionality and abstraction through 'infra-ordinary' objects that resist all efforts of categorisation.


IG: @theophileblandet