Norbert Petrovici


Norbert Petrovici has 15 years of experience in teaching statistics at various levels of complexity, from introductory to advanced modelling courses. His teaching philosophy is that applied statistics can be understood much more easily when students can practise on data sets that fit their learning and research interests. As a researcher, he studied urban economics and culture and has a vast knowledge of urban and regional data analysis. Norbert has been working for 10 years as an independent urban planning professional, collaborating with the private sector, various government bodies and non-governmental organisations. He has assisted urban regeneration projects and the management of the social transformation of the areas concerned by the infrastructure change processes. He has also carried out substantial studies for the coordination and regulation of investments in different areas, for the local and central administration. Additionally, his experience includes urban culture projects that offer access to education, opportunities for self-expression or participatory involvement, for the widest possible range of different social categories.